WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best JUUL Compatible Pods

Best JUUL Compatible Pods

As quickly as the JUUL pod device has become popular, numerous vape juice companies have begun releasing their own versions of JUUL compatible pods. Most of these non-JUUL branded pods are a bit cheaper than the original ones. We've found many of the JUUL compatible pods to be very high quality, with a number of new flavors that were not available in JUUL pods.

Here's our current list of top 5 compatible pods:

  1. Sea100
  2. Mr. Fog
  3. SixT
  4. Eonsmoke
  5. Zalt

As with most pods, the mango flavors offered by these vape pod companies are the most popular. Strawberry and watermelon pod flavors are also highly popular. It seems that fruit-flavored pods are going to dominate the market. Still, for people who are heavy smokers looking to quit smoking, tobacco-flavored pods are the best option.

Some of the JUUL-compatible juice pod companies offer a multi-pack version of their pods. These typically contain four or five different pod flavors. If you're unsure which flavor you'd like, a pod multi-pack is a great option.

It seems new pods appear almost weekly. We're looking into stocking new JUUL pods from Just Mango, The Jones, and Caesar Pods. We insist on sampling e-juice before adding them to our inventory, but you can look forward to new pod brands and flavors to be here soon.

You can find a complete list of JUUL compatible pods here.