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e-Liquid Review - CBM, Arise, Key Lime Pie, Thunder Struck

e-Liquid Review - CBM, Arise, Key Lime Pie, Thunder Struck

At MaxVaping, we get lots of new e-liquid in every week, and I get to taste them all. I've probably gone through close to 1000 brands and flavors at this point, especially when you include conventions. I'll attempt to write one of these posts monthly about new juice just in, to help you decide which to try.

Notes about me: I'm not and never was a smoker. I DO like fine food, wine, dessert, etc. I enjoy vaping like others enjoy chewing gum. The juices I sample are usually 0mg or 3mg nicotine level. I find that nicotine does change the flavor, sometimes significantly, based on the quality of the nic, and the solution it was mixed in (PG/VG). That's why I've been requesting 3mg samples. I do most of my tasting using an Aeolus Atomizer with a cotton build on a VV mod. Lastly, I don't believe in trashing anyone's hard work. Taste is subjective. Something I hate, you might love. So, if I don't have anything nice to say about a line or juice, I simply won't include it.

June 2015 e-Liquid Review, Phil's Favorites:

Vape Troopers CBM – First thing that struck me here was the odd bottle. Long, thin, squeeze-type with a thin tip, perfect for dripping. I’ve grown to like the bottle. The juice itself is exceptional and unique. I’ve never tasted any corn flavoring in a vape. I expected that to be not good. I was wrong. It’s excellent. If you took a corn muffin from the oven, slapped on a thin layer of butter, and dunked it in milk, it would taste like this. I very highly recommend it. The nic is very subtle so there is minimal throat hit. I’ve tasted their PSP and Icy Pop, and those are also great. We’ll be adding them soon.

Baked Vapes Keylime Pie – These guys must have a pastry chef they are working with. I have never been disappointed with any of their juices. They are using very high-quality ingredients. You can taste the difference. I’ve loved their Peaches and Cream, and we just got their Key Lime Pie in, so I was eager to taste it. Fabulous! They nailed the flavor with the right balance of lime and cream, and they somehow captured the graham cracker crust. The nic here is subtle, with low to medium throat hit. If you like dessert vapes, this line is for you.

The Cloud Company Arise – This is the new line from the Suicide Bunny and King’s Crown creators (Pip). They made four new flavors with max VG, targeted at the cloud chasers. And, they nailed it again with another fantastic line. Of the four, Arise is my favorite. It’s similar to Mother’s Milk, but it’s thinner (obviously, with high VG), but still very creamy and full of high-quality strawberry flavor. This one certainly creates massive clouds. I love MM, but I admit that I actually prefer this blend. Minimal throat hit here. If you like Pip’s creations, you need this.

Mystique Hyperion – What strikes you first here is the exceptional packaging. This line comes in a fancy black box. The bottle is frosted black, perfect to keep light out. Their juice is expensive at $25.99 for 30ml, but like with wine, you get what you pay for. They include the highest quality ingredients and steep them just right. This one has 13 tobaccos. That’s insane! Now, I’m not a smoker, but I LOVE this flavor. It’s creamy, decadent, and delish. If you enjoy snuff or chew, you’ll go crazy over this. It’s a 50/50 VG/PG blend, and they aged it in oak barrels. Nice! The nic is strong in this line, so you’ll get a good throat wallop. This ultra-premium line deserves to be on your top shelf.

Gemini Thunder Struck – Phillip Rocke is the creator of this line as well as ANML. He spent seven years developing extracts for liquor companies and micro-breweries. He is definitely talented beyond words, as I’ve loved all of his creations, especially his recent Grand Reserve release, which he steeped in oak barrels (yum). He just released Thunder Struck, and my first inhale brought back childhood memories of TANG! This is the first orange-flavored vape I’ve loved. He balanced the sweet and sour, and the cloud production is exceptional. This is a refreshing vape with subtle throat hit. If you enjoy his Carnage, you’ll like this. Unique and delish. Great job, Philly!!!!

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