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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

JUUL Vape - Is it really smoking evolved?

JUUL Vape - Is it really smoking evolved?

The JUUL has been the most controversial vaping system to date. You'll see plenty of ads (and even some misspellings - Jewel Vape) online on both sides of the equation. Many of these posts include claims that JUUL or JUULing has invaded teenagers lives and is causing harm. I suspect these ads are mostly backed by big tobacco, who wants nothing more than people to leave vaping and return to smoking traditional cigarettes.

I've spoken to many cigarette smokers who had great difficulty quitting, even after trying all the patches, gums, and pills on the market. It seems those other options while offering nicotine, don't provide an essential part of the smoking experience, which is hand-to-mouth, inhaling, flavor, and exhaling. In my opinion, this is the reason that vaping solutions have been able to attract people away from smoking.

One complaint many older vapers have had is, although they enjoy the vaping experience, it tends to be inconveniently bulky and cumbersome. It's not practical (nor safe) to carry fat regulated vape mods and tanks in a pants pocket. There are typically vape juice leaking and accidental firing problems. Also, some people prefer to be inconspicuous when vaping -- not desiring the colossal vapor clouds that others enjoy.

Vape pod systems, like the JUUL, answer many of these concerns. The device is very tiny and light (a few ounces) compared to typical vape mod tank setups, which can weight over a pound once you add two batteries, a large tank, and vape juice. Also, battery charging is much easier with the JUUL (attach to the USB charger) than vape mods where you often need to remove the batteries and place them in a battery charger plugged into the wall.

With all of these improvements, would I consider the JUUL to be an evolution in vaping? Yep. Now, they're not for everyone. You'll still have cloud and flavor chasers who don't mind the bulk of vape mods. But, if you're new to vaping or desire a more innocuous device, the JUUL vape system may be for you. 

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