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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mango JUUL Pods - The best JUUL pod flavor?

Mango JUUL Pods - The best JUUL pod flavor?

Although we carry all eight flavors of JUUL pods, we've found the most popular JUUL pod flavor today is definitely Mango. It might be partially due to the fact that there are few mango-flavored juices on the market, and mango is such a distinctive flavor.

It seems fruit flavors are best suited for pod systems, aside from the usual tobacco flavors. Most heavy smokers go with the tobacco-flavored pods initially to mimic the taste of their cigarettes. After a few weeks, they begin expanding into different flavors to keep from becoming bored with the same flavor. Some venture down the menthol road, others prefer desserts, but many find fruit pods to be the most satisfying.

So, why Mango pods?

It could be any of the reasons above, but we think it's because JUUL has selected a fantastic flavor supplier. There are so many poor imitation flavors on the market, it isn't easy to find one that is accurate and not chemical-tasting. The mango that JUUL uses is very accurate and tastes close to a ripe mango. It seems to complement the high-nicotine salts level, making the JUUL pods flavorful without being too harsh.

Other than Mango, we also sell quite a few Creme Brulee pods. Those are definitely targeted to dessert lovers. If you're into custard vapes, the creme brulee flavors will work best for you. If you're more into the standard tobacco flavors because you're trying to replace smoking cigarettes, you'll love the Virginia Tobacco flavor or Classic Menthol, if you need a cool blast.

Everyone is hoping JUUL will come out with a refillable pod so people have an increased number of options. That's a possibility, but JUUL's pods are such high-quality we don't anticipate them going with a refillable pod, which would take some of their business away.

If you're considering a move from cigarettes to JUUL or would like to have a more stealth, easy-carry device, definitely consider the JUUL and similar devices like the SMOK Infinix, Juno, Bo, Aspire Breeze, and Suorin Drop. If you go with JUUL, definitely pick up some Mango Pods ... you'll be amazed!