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Vape Juice Brands List - Our Top 10

Vape Juice Brands List - Our Top 10

There are thousands of e-liquid manufacturers out there today. Many of those e-liquid brands are ok, many are horrible, and some are excellent.

You get what you pay for also usually applies to e-liquid. The most expensive e-liquid brands are the highest quality, using the finest ingredients and steeping methods before release. They're consistently good from batch to batch. Other e-liquids use the most inexpensive PG, VG, and flavoring so they can keep the prices low. Those, unfortunately, don't stay around long as buyer tend to destroy them in e-liquid reviews.

Here at MaxVaping, we try every e-liquid before we begin selling it. Honestly, there are many we have tried and wondered if anyone at the manufacturer ever tried them -- they are that awful. Then, there are others we expect to be ordinary (usually due to low price), but wind up being surprises. A great example of this is Transmission by The Merge (Rip Trippers). We wanted to hate it because we are running out of space, but it's excellent, so we're now carrying that e-liquid brand.

Still, taste is subjective. You may love a juice that we hate and vice-versa. Yet, usually, we are spot on when it comes to deciding which e-liquid brands to carry. Our warehouse is close to capacity, so a juice line must be excellent for us to take it on. Keep checking our new e-liquid arrivals to see the latest ones for which we have made room.

Based on sales and reviews, here is our top 10 vape juice brands list as of January 2018:

  1. You Got e-Juice
  2. White Label Juice Co.
  3. Cuttwood
  4. Left Coast
  5. Little Head
  6. Creme de la Creme
  7. Suicide Bunny
  8. The Milkman
  9. Loaded by Ruthless
  10. Yami Vapor

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