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What are the best e juice brands?

What are the best e juice brands?

The best e-juice brands stand the test of time by making consistently great vape juice. There are some vape juice brands that have been on our "best of" lists since we began selling vape juice back in 2013. Still, taste is subjective, and some people judge an e-liquid by its value rather than its quality. Fortunately, there are high-quality vape juice brands now available in large bottles at reasonable prices.

The best e juice brands of 2018 were:

  1. You Got e-Juice
  2. Left Coast eLiquid
  3. White Label Juice
  4. Vapetasia
  5. The Milkman
  6. Creme de la Creme
  7. Naked 100
  8. eJuice Company
  9. Little Head Vapor
  10. Wolfpack OFE

There are plenty of other vape juice brands that deserve mention here, including the ever-popular Cuttwood, Suicide Bunny, and Uncle Junk lines. Those are consistently fantastic brands that are worth spending a little extra on. They have all been dropping prices and increasing bottle sizes as well. It is definitely worth trying some of these premium vape juice brands.

Two of the top ten vape juice brands are our neighbors in California -- You Got e-Juice and White Label Juice. As far as affordable vape juice goes, you really can't beat these two brands. Sugar Cookie by You Got e-Juice has been a bestseller since we first listed it as well as Caramel Custard by White Label.

The newest vape devices to hit the market is vape pod systems like the JUUL (prefilled pods) and SMOK Infinix (refillable). Since these devices are smaller than the typical vape mods, they require special vape juice to work properly -- namely, nicotine salts. Many of the top vape juice brands now offer nic salts versions you can use in your refillable pods. We highly recommend you try Left Coast (12mg and 24mg), Mr. Good Vape, Ruthless, NKD 100, and CRFT for fantastic pod juice.

As always, check our bestseller lists to see what vape juice brands are trending, and keep an eye out for new vape juice releases.

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What is the best brand of vape juice?
What is the best brand of vape juice?

Our current top five best-selling vape juice brands and their best vape juice are:

  1. You Got e-Juice (Sugar Cookie)
  2. Left Coast e-Liquid (Moo Fields)
  3. Cuttwood (Unicorn Milk)
  4. White Label Juice Co. (Strawberry Pervert)
  5. Sea100 (JUUL-compatible pods)

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It seems that most vape juice today comes in one of two categories - cheap or expensive. There are many budget-friendly vape juice lines, including the most popular ones we feature here, such as You Got e-Juice, White Label Juice Co., and Crown e-liquid.

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